Supporting the emergence, growth, and consolidation of social economy enterprises, risq is a proud partner in business successes reflecting the interests and values of Québec communities. It serves as an essential financial lever across Québec!

The social economy is at the heart of . . .

Our mission

  • To contribute, with our expertise, to the development of social economy enterprises in Québec by providing accessible financial tools adapted to their specific characteristics and phases of development.

The principles of social economy reflect . . .

Our values


  • Primacy of people and jobs over capital, where services and products are a response to social, individual, collective, and economic needs.

  • Individual and collective empowerment through operations guided by the principles of participation, autonomy, and responsibility.

  • Democratic decision-making processes, indicating autonomous management free of government control.

  • Production of socially beneficial goods and services that contribute to improved quality of life and community development.

At the service of collective enterprises

Our expertise

  • Financial analysis adjusted to the specific character of social economy enterprises, scrutinizing every facet of their financing plans

  • In-depth knowledge of the social economy and multiple sectors

  • Training for analysts and advisors of social economy enterprises

  • Knowledge of local, regional, and sectoral economic development networks

  • Investment experience administering a venture capital fund since 1997

Through our loans . . .

Our vision and aspirations

  • Serve as a partner for social economy enterprises and business success by providing solidarity finance products to support their development

  • Provide adapted financing to meet collective enterprises’ needs, stage of development, and financial capacity

  • Make a difference by supporting innovative projects that generate social action and development for individuals and communities

  • Collaborate with economic development partners throughout the territory to stay in touch with the realities of every region and reach as many collective entrepreneurs as possible

  • Invest in diverse economic sectors in every region of Québec

  • Affirm social economy management practices to entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and financial experts

Our advantages

  • Expertise of a team of financial analysts who have specialized in the social economy since 1997

  • Accessible and flexible investment products tailored to every phase of an enterprise’s development

  • Human-scale financing, matching the reality of social economy enterprises, with flexible repayment conditions and guarantees

  • Simplified access to additional financing provided by the Chantier de l’économie sociale Trust

  • Catalyst for the coordination of local and regional development actors

  • Financial analysis methods in keeping with the specific characteristics of collective enterprises