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Cash advances from $1,000 to $10,000

With our Technical Assistance loan, you can cover consultants’ and specialists’ fees to conduct the necessary studies and analyses for your collective pre-start project or to develop your current enterprise, including startup of a new project, expansion, and recovery.


  • Support the emergence of new enterprises
  • Foster the development of existing enterprises
  • Ensure the continuation of social economy enterprises


  • Capital without a guarantee
  • Repayable only when the project is completed
  • No interest and capital payment until project completion
    • until the realization of the project for companies in pre-startup, startup and expansion
    • maximum 3 years for enterprises in consolidation or reorganization
  • Possibility of a repayment agreement over a maximum of 36 months depending on the term of the loan
  • Investment amount determined according to the company’s ability to obtain additional support from other partners in the file
  • RISQ does not finance the refundable tax portion (GST and/or QST)
  • Commitment fee: 1.5% of authorized total (max 75$).
  • Application fee of $75 is deducted from commitment fee.

Down payment

Loan amount Minimum down payment Other financial partner
1 000 $ – 5 000 $ 10 % Recommended
5 001 $ – 10 000 $ 20 % Required
  • A down payment above the minimum required and the presence of several financial partners in the project will be considered an asset.
  • RISQ will give priority to projects that demonstrate strong roots in their community.

Down payment may be:

  • Cash down payment from one or more project promoters
  • Grant
  • Donation
  • Time invested up to 5% by one of the project entrepreneurs. The time investment must be recognized by the consultant in the offer of service.


  • Business plan
  • Development plan
  • Market study
  • Strategic plan
  • Feasibility/pre-feasibility studies
  • Plans and specifications
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Recovery plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Budget forecasts
  • Technical studies
  • Any other study required to undertake a project


The exclusions determined by RISQ contained in the Eligibility page



  1. Send us the requested documents and the $75 application fee
  2. RISQ’s team analyzes the proposal
  3. If approved, signature of RISQ’s investment offer
  4. Send in the documents requested in the offer
  5. Reception of first disbursement, or 50% of the investment
  6. Consultant hired by your enterprise sends in final report before receiving final disbursement equalling 50% of the authorized amount
  7. Repay the loan to RISQ on completion of project


  • Signed application form — Technical Assistance
  • Cheque for $75 made out to RISQ to cover application fee (non-refundable)

Plus the documents mentioned on page 6 of the application form:

  • Statement of work or detailed offer of service prepared by selected consultant
  • Description of project: history of the organization, project process, demonstration of its social benefit and community support
  • Resolution of the enterprise  conferring signing authority on the individual who signed the application
  • Copies of financial partners’ confirmations and down payment (if applicable)
  • Copy of letters of patent (NPO) or charter (co-op)
  • Copy of by-laws (including borrowing by-law)
  • Other relevant documents: support letters, etc.

Additional documents to submitExpansion and consolidation:

  • Cash budget and financial forecast (if applicable)
  • Copy of most recent annual activity report
  • Copy of annual financial statements for the last two years
  • Recent interim financial statements (list of accounts receivable and payable)
  • Financial statements of affiliated enterprises (if applicable)

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