The team

Our team of experts focuses mainly on the financial analysis of loan applications, giving every proposal careful and thorough consideration.

Solid expertise in collective entrepreneurship, knowledge of multiple sectors, and long-standing experience undoubtedly accounts for the exceptional socioeconomic impacts of RISQ investments.

Executive Director

Nathalie Villemure

Extension 210

Financial analyst

Didier K. Muamba

Extension 205

Financial analyst

Antoine Jolin Gignac

Extension 208

Financial analyst

Francis Gravel

Extension 212

Financial analyst 

Élὶas A. Michelena

Extension 214

Financial analyst

Jeanne Bugnon

Extension 203

Financial Analyst

 Caroline Poles

Extension 211

Financial analyst

Arsène Yannick Nono Toukam

Extension 213


Pierre Charette

Extension 209

Follow-up coordinator

Andréia De Oliveira

Extension 20

Follow-up Financial Analyst

Lolita Toche

Extension 217

 Financial Follow-up technician

Denis Bernier

Extension 215


René Desrochers

Extension 201

Administrative technician

Isabelle Côté

Extension 206

Communications manager 

Dominique Dupont

Extension 204

Operations Assistant 

Amel Cheikh Rouhou

Extension 200