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Loan up to $100,000

Emergence loan supports your new enterprise to prepare and implement your pre-start up project.

The pre-startup phase includes all the steps of developing an idea into a project, leading to the birth of a new enterprise or, for an existing enterprise, a new project.

You can then apply for financing from our Capitalization component, which offers a maximum of $50,000 for a startup project.


  • Support the emergence of new enterprises
  • Foster the development of structuring projects
  • Ensure the deployment  of social economy enterprises


  • Capital without a guarantee
  • No capital repayment during the pre-startup period, or up to 3 years
  • Interest holiday during pre-startup period
  • Interest rate reduction if the project is completed on time
  • Investment is disbursed in several payments based on the enterprise’s needs
  • Early repayment without penalty at any time with advance written notice of at least 90 days
  • Commitment fee: 1.5% of authorized total.
  • Application fee of $100 is deducted from commitment fee.


Eligible pre-startup projects have made no sales prior to application date except those made during market tests or pre-marketing activities.

  • Hiring of internal and/or extern human resources needed to carry out the project :
    • External resources: maximum period of one year (up to $50,000) with a supporting expertise transfer plan.
    • Internal resources: for the duration of the pre-start-up of the project.
  • Fabrication of prototypes and conducting a market test
  • Costs related to rental of premises, telecommunications, supplies, and other operating costs
  • Purchase of material and computer equipment (up to $5,000)
  • Travel, representation, and other costs deemed essential to the project (up to $10,000)
  • Consultant fees up to $10,000 to carry out additional studies needed to finalize the business plan
  • Research and development expenses for existing enterprises
  • Other preparatory and/or project implementation expenses.


  • Market or feasibility study
  • Expenses related to the acquisition, construction, or renovation of a property
  • Costs related to incorporation
  • Costs incurred prior to the financing application
  • Normal operating expenses of an existing enterprises
  • The exclusions determined by RISQ contained in the Eligibility page



  1. Contact our team to validate the eligibility of your proposal
  2. Send us the requested documents and the $100 application fee
  3. A RISQ financial analyst reviews the application
  4. Presentation of analysis report to the Investment Committee. Depending on the committee’s decision, committee members recommend that the Board of Directors accept or refuse the financing request; occasionally they recommend changes.
  5. If accepted, RISQ’s offer of investment is signed and the first disbursement is made.
  6. Repayment when the overall financing plan is completed and RISQ has commenced follow-up


  • Signed Déclarations et consentements [Representations and consents] form
  • Cheque for $100 made out to RISQ to cover application cost (deductible from commitment fee)
  • Copy of letters of patent (NPO) or charter (co-op), including borrowing by-law
  • Copy of a résolution de l’entreprise authorizing the application signatory to sign all official and legal documents
  • Copy of a resolution in which the enterprise confirms its down payment and undertakes to assume responsibility for cost overruns
  • Business plan or project presentation document describing its social purpose, with an operational plan for its deployment
  • Documentation on the group that is initiating the project, including résumés for the human resources required during the pre-startup phase
  • List of current board of directors, and description of their roles and competencies
  • Studies that have been conducted (market, feasibility, or other)
  • Forecast monthly cash budget for the entire pre-startup period
  • Estimated cost of project implementation and planned sources of financing
  • Estimated annual revenues and expenses for first three years following project startup
  • Support letters, if applicable
  • Number of jobs created/maintained (including internships and work integration positions)
  • For existing enterprises with a new project: audited financial statements for the past two years, recent interim report, and activity report.

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