Financing your project based
on your needs

Start up │ Develop │ Ensure continuity


Total of $20,000 to $50,000 per project,
maximum $100,000 per enterprise

Financial assistance under our Capitalization program, complements other sources of financing and provides support for your project in the forms of several types of investment :

  • Direct loan with no guarantee to complete your down payment
  • Bid or performance surety bond to enable you to bid for contracts
  • Loan guarantee or line of credit to obtain the financing you need without putting up your assets as a guarantee (authorized for a maximum of 5 years)
  • Preferred shares (co-op) or solidarity bonds (NPO), determined on a case by case basis


  • Support the emergence of new enterprises
  • Foster the development of existing enterprises
  • Ensure the continuation of social economy enterprises


  • Additional financing
  • Possibility of a capital repayment holiday
  • Investments lasting from 2 to 7 years
  • Flexible interest rate determined according to the level of risk of the investment (can vary between 5 and 8%)
  • Fixed interest rate during repayment period
  • Fixed monthly payments (capital and interest) for the duration of the loan, determined in accordance with the enterprise’s repayment capacity.
  • Early repayment without penalty at any time with advance written notice of at least 90 days.
  • Commitment fee: 1.5% of authorized total.
  • Application fee of $200 is deducted from commitment fee.


  • Working capital needs

Expenses related to development:

  • Professional fees
  • Expert advice costs
  • Other costs incurred to cover the services of consultants and specialists needed to conduct studies

Capital expenses:

  • Land
  • Building (acquisition or renovation) or improvement of facilities
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Support for client accounts
  • Acquisition of a business or business assets
  • Ridership (eligible with an assessment of value by a recognized independent expert)
  • Other similar expenses, except outlays related to volume of sales
  • Acquisition of technological materiel, software or software packages, patents, other similar expenses.



  1. Contact our team or the designated representative in your region to validate your proposal’s eligibility
  2. Send us the requested documents and the $200 application fee
  3. An analyst reviews your proposal/discussion/meeting
  4. RISQ’s financial analyst prepares a report
  5. Presentation of analysis report to the Investment Committee. Depending on the committee’s decision, committee members recommend that the Board of Directors accept or refuse the financing request; occasionally they recommend changes.
  6. If accepted, signing of RISQ’s offer of investment
  7. Validation of compliance with preconditions contained in the offer of investment, and disbursement of loan
  8. Follow-up by RISQ until loan has been fully repaid.


  • Signed declarations et consentements [Representations and consents] form
  • Cheque for $200 made out to RISQ to cover application cost
    (deductible from commitment fee)

Other documents, if applicable

  • Copy of most recent annual activity report
  • Copy of annual financial statements for the last two years
  • Recent interim financial statements (including list of accounts receivable and payable)
  • Financial statements of affiliated enterprises
  • Resolution of the enterprise authorizing the individual who signed the application (link)
  • Copy of financial partners’ confirmations
  • Copy of letters of patent (NPO) or charter (co-op)
  • Copy of by-laws (including borrowing by-law) or internal rules of governance
  • Studies that have been conducted (market, feasibility, and other)
  • Submissions related to the project
  • Support letters, letter of intent (if applicable)
  • Business plan including :
    • Description of project
    • Cost of current project and requested financing
    • 3-year financial forecasts
    • Forecast monthly cash budget for 12 months
    • Names of the board of directors with a short description of their roles and competencies
    • Résumés of project promoters (management team)
    • Number of jobs created/maintained (including work integration positions)

Other relevant documents

  • Written confirmations of other sources of financing (loans and grants)
  • Copies of long-term business agreements (supply, distribution, exclusivity, specific discount, purchase commitment, etc.)
  • Order book
  • Unit cost price and sales price
  • Other relevant documents

For a real estate project

  • Duly signed and valid offer to purchase (in the case of acquisition of capital assets) or title to property
  • Property valuation report (compulsory) including market value and asset value
  • Phase 1 environmental study (compulsory)
  • Phase II environmental study (if applicable)
  • Location certificate
  • Offer of professional services

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