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Training on the guide for analysis of social economy enterprises

From theory to practice . . .

An analytical method developed by experts in Québec solidarity finance.


Based on the notions contained in the Guide for Analysis of Social Economy Enterprises, this training session will enable you to conduct a more thorough evaluation of the distinctive aspects of a collective enterprise.

Its practical content and realistic and practical exercises and tools will help you easily incorporate the theory into your work, so you can comprehend and analyze enterprises, make informed financing decisions, and perform the appropriate enterprise follow-up.


Financial analysts, advisors, managers, directors, financial stakeholders, and any other actor involved in the networks developing the social economy.


Duration   One day (6 hrs)

Overview of the social, financial, operational, and economic aspects that distinguish collective enterprises.

  • Portrait of Québec’s social economy: Actors, concepts, and enterprise characteristics, major financing actors.
  • Analysis of social economy enterprises: Association component (mission, social benefit, governance, territorial and sectoral rootedness) and business component (market, operations, management and human resources, sustainable development)
  • Financial analysis and financing proposal: Accounting features, financing structure, forecasts, analytical methods, and adjustments of financial statements
  • The investment decision: Project evaluation, report and analysis, recommendation, and financing conditions.


Pierre Charette

Holder of an MBA with a specialization in collective enterprises, Pierre Charette is a financial analyst at RISQ and co-author of the 2nd edition of the Guide d’analyse des enterprises d’économie sociale [Guide for Analysis of Social Economy Enterprises]

In his 20 years of work in the social economy, he has acquired vast expertise and is recognized as an authority in the field.

Over the years, he has coordinated the startup and development of a work cooperative, acted as a management consultant, lectured at Université de Sherbrooke, Université du Québec à l’Outaouais, and Université du Québec à Montréal, and served as a consultant and financing advisor, to say nothing of his numerous positions on the boards of diverse social economy organizations.



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Provided in every region of Québec


$800 + associated costs


Group of 16 maximum


Documentation and educational support related to the training session

In addition

Participants should obtain a copy of the Guide for Analysis of Social Economy Enterprises before the session

*Content and method may be adapted on request, based on the group’s needs


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A copy of the Guide for Analysis of Social Economy Enterprises

Documentation and educational support related to the training session

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