New partnership October 2020

Additional funding for co-operatives

A new financial tool is now avalaible in Quebec, the Canadian Co-Operative Investment Fund – CCIF. Good news ! The RISQ’s team is the one responsible of analyzing funding applications for co-operative projects in Quebec.

This pan-Canadian fund dedicated to co-operatives offers flexible loans and adapts to the needs of projects according to their stage of development.

It was created primarily to support the expansion of existing cooperatives, new cooperative enterprises and conversions of small and medium sized enterprises into cooperatives.


These are news that comes at the right time in this week of cooperation!

Characteristics of the financial product

Co-operatives can benefit from an investment ranging from $50,000 to $1.25 million. The granted amount is based on the needs of the company, but also on the risk assessment, including the strength of the cooperation, the business plan, the track record, the management capacity and the market…

With a variable interest rate between 5 and 8%, different types of financing are possible:

  • Loans : Mortgages, equipment financing, bridge loans, working capital loans and lines of credit, capital improvement loans…
  • Equity: Membership shares, share capital, preferred shares
  • Quasi-equity / Hybrid financing / Structured loans : Revenue or cash flow linked loans, gratuity interest…
  • Capital for business succession: purchase of shares

All sectors of activity are supported, including affordable housing, renewable energy, agriculture and food, sharing economy, indigenous communities, telecommunications, etc. In short, it is simpler to summarize the exclusions:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Credit unions
  • Organizations involved in weapons, gambling, tobacco, pornography, payday loans or related products.
A win-win partnership for all

RISQ’s role in analysing and funding CIFCF applications is characterized by its willingness to act in collaboration with its partners in solidarity finance. This partnership with the CCIF contributes in strengthening the cooperative model in Quebec and providing long-term benefits to communities through cooperative projects.

RISQ’s motivations
  • Contributing to the emergence and development of Quebec’s co-operatives
  • Providing additional capital to support as many co-operative venture projects as possible.
  • Integrating the CCIF as a complement to the financial products of our Quebec’s ecosystem
CCIF’s Contributions
  • Helping co-operatives development by giving them access to capital
  • Providing alternative financing for co-operatives
  • Generating a lasting impact
Benefits for co-operatives
  • Additional sources of funding to bring their projects to fruition
  • A continuum of financial products adapted to their needs
  • A simplified financing application: a single file submitted to RISQ, several financing possibilities
How to apply ?

Simple, just contact RISQ to tell us about your project and your needs. We will validate its eligibility.

The processing of the request is carried out in parallel with RISQ’s other financial products and its affiliated products, if applicable.

Questions ? contact us !