Photo credit : Ressourcerie Bellechasse inc.

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Ressourcerie Bellechasse inc.



Technical assistance loan


Presentation of the enterprise

The ressourcerie bellechasse was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in july 2000. Its economic mission consists of picking up bulky objects from residents of the bellechasse and etchemins regional municipal counties, recovering, and, if necessary, recycling them. The ressourcerie is self-financed, earning its revenue from retail sales of second-hand items, recycling, and the exportation of textile materials.

Social impact 

Its primary social mission is the work integration of individuals with limited capacities and support for the disadvantaged. This resource contributes to the improved management of waste materials in the territory, with more environmentally friendly processes, and benefits disadvantaged community members.

“The financial assistance from risq gave the centre, during a very difficult period, the technical assistance it needs to carry out its goal of becoming profitable enough to survive. Risq was a motor in this process, giving us advice and expert support.”
Marie-France Langlois, Executive director

Awards and distinctions

  • Recipient of les pléiades-prix d’excellence from the chambre de commerce de lévis, social economy category, 2007

Stage of development  consolidation

Reason for investment  organizational diagnosis

No. Of jobs created  n/a

5 000 $

Technical assistance loan


Year of investment

25 000 $

Total project cost